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Facebook adds promoted posts to normal accounts

Egomaniacs will love Facebook's latest money-spinner, which gives users the option to pay to promote their own personal posts in friends' news feeds. Testers in the US now have the option to pay $7 (about AU$7 and £4) to promote their posts, with 5,000 accounts being given the option of pushing their updates to the top of friends' newsfeeds.The tests began in New Zealand in May, with 19 other countries (including Australia) also getting the narcissistic option ahead of the US. Attention pleaseFacebook thinks you might want to use the paid option to make sure your big posts stand out as news feeds get more crowded.The social network suggests that you might want to ensure all your friends are aware of your wedding photos, your engagements or your garage sales

Twitter Users Remember Director Tony Scott

British director Tony Scott, 68, died in an apparent suicide Sunday, after jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, Calif. at around 12:30 p.m. Twitter users and filmmakers, including Ron Howard, Robert Rodriguez and Adam Goldberg, shared their memories of the late director. No more Tony Scott movies

Music streaming Deezer Heads to Thailand

European music streaming service Deezer is expanding to Asia. It’s announced that it will roll out in Thailand this week, with Singapore and Malaysia to follow shortly. In addition, Indonesia and the Philippines are expected “within the coming weeks”.

How to Work Harder & Not Burn Out

You might think keeping work and your personal life separate is best for balance. But it might actually be causing you to burn out.For so many of us, keeping work and a personal life fairly balanced is a constant struggle.Maybe it’s time to rethink the “separate but equal” work-life balance theory and find ways to rekindle and nurture the passions that drew us to our career choices in the first place?If we don’t, we risk burnout. Here are three strategies for avoiding burnout by staying connected to work, both as an employee and as a person.1.