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4 Things Pinterest Won’t Tell You

We're not saying Pinterest won't help your business--it very well might, especially if you're in retail, design or travel. But make sure you're being smart about it.Have you heard about Pinterest, the latest social media darling? It's already surpassed 11 million user accounts and leading to no fewer than a dozen news headlines a day right now:"How Pinterest Helped Clean a House -- and Save a Marriage""Can Pinterest Save You Money?""Mitt Romney's wife gets patriotic on Pinterest"The hoopla is getting ridiculous ... and not just a little annoying.All About PinterestTo educate those still unfamiliar with Pinterest, one only has to recall high school days of yore, when high school locker doors were decorated with full-color clippings of favorite things: teen idols, sports figures, fashion looks, candy bar wrappers and tropical environs
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Customer Service Stars: 4 Companies That Get It Right

Your product must be good--that's a given. But if you're going to win, it's about the experience.The best brands understand that when it comes to offering a product or service, delivering competently on the basics is just the cost of entry: It’s necessary but not sufficient.Customers have higher expectations. They’re looking for something that makes your company stand out as a little bit above average. In b-school vocabulary, these are called “customer touchpoints,” and if done poorly they can send potential buyers fleeing to other brands.Consider cell phone companies, for example.
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NuForce Air DAC Wireless System: easy to setup wireless audio

Image 12-NuForce-Air-DAC-Wireless-System.jpgIf you’ve got a bunch of speakers around the house that are in good working condition and you want to upgrade them to support wireless audio – without having to replace them, you’re in luck. NuForce Inc’s Air DAC Wireless System is designed for you. Designed to be set up without any hassle, the NuForce Air DAC system doesn’t require any WiFi routers or IP addresses. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into your computer’s USB port or Apple device and the receiver in any available sound system and you’re set
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Samsung brings the Galaxy Note challenge to the streets

Recently, Microsoft has been challenging non-Windows Phone users to a bunch of different speed tests to show off how efficient their operating system is. Well, now it looks like Samsung has decided to take this idea to the streets in its latest advertisement for the Galaxy Note. Pitting the Android device against its number competitor – the iPhone, they made use of the S Pen stylus to complete tasks that were “impossible” for the latter device to accomplish. It felt a little unfair watching the whole challenge unfold, because the iPhone user looked like she didn’t really know how to use her phone very well
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