Secret to Doing More? Work Less

Do you really believe that neglecting yourself and living in overdrive will build your business faster? Time to debunk that myth.Imagine that you are a pilot, flying to a dream destination.Suddenly the air pressure in the cabin drops; your brain goes into overdrive as you frantically assess the problem and work toward the solution. With adrenaline pumping full speed, you refuse to take the time to put on your oxygen mask.

Launching a Business With Dad

What happens when your co-founder is your father? Entrepreneurs explain the best and worst parts of running a family business–and how mom always gets called in to settle disputes.In 1997, Steve Heinz decided to sell the business that he had founded 17 years earlier, EnergyCAP, which makes software for managing utility bills.The buyer? Enron.Five years later, after Enron had gone belly-up, Steve rescued the business from bankruptcy court.”I picked up the pieces of my business, so to speak,” he says.

Business Lessons From My 10-Month-Old

When my daughter was born, I scrambled to learn parenting skills. Now that we’re all sleeping through the night, I realize how much those skills help me as a leader.When I became a new dad almost a year ago, I had to learn a whole new set of skills. Now that my 10-month old daughter is sleeping through the night, however, I realize my new parenting skills are helping me to run my business better.Here are a few lessons that I’ve learned from her.Always Be CuriousMy daughter has just started to crawl. Every object is a source of fascination. She spends an hour exploring an empty Gladware tub or a new wooden block