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Google introduces new ad formats

Text ads have proven to be a great way to help advertisers extend their Google search campaigns to sites in the Google Display Network, enabling publishers like you to earn revenue from your content. This is why we're continuing to work on improving text ads, even as we introduce new ad formats.

Stressed? Don’t Take a Vacation

Getting away may seem like the perfect solution to chronic stress, but the author of a new book says the counterintuitive truth is you're better off staying home.It's summer and the sun is shining outside your office window.Starting and running a business is hard work, so it's no surprise that you may register your stress, check out the weather, and conclude this is a great time to take a vacation.As sensible as this train of thought sounds, science suggests that the chronically stressed may be wrong in thinking that the best medicine is to get on a plane and see someplace new.That's according to John Coates, author of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust. He took to Fast Company recently to explain that our hard-wired instincts when it comes to stress may actually often cause us to take actions that make the situation worse.Distinguishing between short-term fatigue brought on less than inspirational tasks and chronic stress, Coates goes on to suggest that when faced with the latter, our natural impulses often betray us. He writes:When we are mired in stress, what we desperately need to do is minimize the novelty in our lives.

Social Media-Connected Teens Seek Time Offline [STUDY]

Today's American teenagers are digital natives -- connected to the Internet since youth. About 75% of 13 to 17-year-olds have personal social networking accounts. Since 2008, there has been a huge spike in teenage connectivity; only 59% of teens were on social media four years ago. Despite seeing "racist, sexist and homophonic content" online, teenagers view social media networks positively

Pilot’s Advice: Avoiding a Crash

Running a business is like flying a plane: Lots of decisions to make and zero time to analyze them. Improve your gut instincts with these tips.Reading entrepreneurial success stories can only help you so much. Want a better perspective on the inevitable challenges you'll face?

iPhone 5 rumors will be a snoozefest this year

Now that the new iPad is out, the tech world is beginning to anxiously report on details about Apple’s next iPhone (let’s just call it the iPhone 5 for now). But while it’s sometimes fun to dive into rumors, I’ve noticed that, this time around, the rumor-mill is particularly boring. And it will likely remain yawn-inducing until the next iPhone’s launch. Why?