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Digital love: how data can help your dating

Data and datingWith the rise of social networks and a trend to revealing more than we should about ourselves online, the stigma that used to be attached to online dating websites is fading fast.In fact, it's now just as common for singletons to log on to find a partner as it is for them to go to the pub and sheepishly eye someone up in the corner.When it comes to dating sites, though, it's not as much about love at first sight but love at first insight – and one website which reckons it has got this nailed is eHarmony.Founded in 2000 in the US by a marriage councillor who decided to turn his decades of experience with warring couples into a website, eHarmony is well known for its rather laborious sign up process.This equates to around 250 questions a member needs to answer before they even get a sniff of a date.According to eHarmony…1. Yoga is the most popular exercise among members2. Foodies have more of a chance of finding love3. Men prefer woman who don't fritter money4
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New Help for Female Entrepreneurs

A founder of Women 2.0 explains how the start-up scene is evolving for women and offers networking advice for aspiring female founders.Silicon Valley may earn praise for its creativity and dynamism, but rarely is America's foremost start-up hub held up as a model of diversity. The world's engineers may flock to the area's start-ups, but when Shaherose Charania moved to the Valley to explore becoming an entrepreneur several years ago, she often found herself the only woman on product teams and at networking events. These days, she and a few friends are doing something about this gender imbalance with Women 2.0, an organizaton that supports female founders and runs a host of women-friendly networking events around the world.
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Pilot’s Advice: Avoiding a Crash

Running a business is like flying a plane: Lots of decisions to make and zero time to analyze them. Improve your gut instincts with these tips.Reading entrepreneurial success stories can only help you so much. Want a better perspective on the inevitable challenges you'll face?
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Yahoo axes 14% of workforce

Yahoo has confirmed that it is changing into a 'bold, new Yahoo' with news that it is to cut 2,000 jobs from the company.Yahoo has been wobbling for some time now, so this restructuring will come as no surprise, but the number of people being let go shows how serious the company is in turning its fortunes around.It is thought that the 14 per cent cut in staff is likely to affect many areas of the business, including marketing and development.Speaking about the changes, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson said: "Today's actions are an important next step toward a bold, new Yahoo – smaller, nimbler, more profitable and better equipped to innovate as fast as our customers and our industry require."Our goal is to get back to our core purpose – putting our users and advertisers first – and we are moving aggressively to achieve that goal.''
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Howard Schultz: What It Takes to Win

In 2008 Howard Schultz returned to Starbucks and steered it through the financial crisis. Last year, Schultz sat down with Inc.'s Lewis Schiff.View the video on at:
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Marketing Lessons From the Little Guy

Big businesses need to lighten up, get creative and take a few cues from small business owners.It's usually assumed that when it comes to marketing, small businesses can always learn from their larger counterparts, right? Chances are, the big guys have survived their fair share of marketing campaigns, whether good, bad or downright ugly. Factor in an ample marketing budget and a well-paid marketing team and they're probably light years ahead of smaller businesses. But is that really the case
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How I Built a Design Empire

David Rockwell believes that all the world is a stage. His $30 million firm approaches projects as if they were an elaborate musical: He casts the right designers, finds the right collaborators, and thinks about the way people experience it.David Rockwell believes that all the world is a stage. The 56-year-old architect's love of theater informs every design project ever done by his firm, Rockwell Group, in New York City. Whether the projects are restaurants (Nobu, Emeril's), hotels (the W), the Oscar ceremonies (2009 and 2010), or Broadway sets (Hairspray), the $30 million company approaches each one as if it were an elaborate musical: Rockwell casts the right designers, finds the right collaborators, and thinks not only about the building material but about the way people experience it.I prefer projects where there's a lot at stake, like the Academy Awards
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Spotify drops five songs limit in Europe (UK and France are out)

Spotify has revealed that it has dropped the song-play limit for free users in Europe, apart from those who use the service in the UK and France.The song limit functionality was introduced back in April 2011 and was part of a number of limitations added to the free version of the service.Spotify has confirmed to TechRadar that this has now been dropped but the limits are still firmly in place for the UK and France
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Google surveys: Why pay when you can read for free?

Google has unveiled a new service called Google Consumer Surveys which allows web publishers to earn revenue from its customers answers.Rather than ads or a paywall, web content publishers will be able to trade customer survey completion for content.The new system will require customers to answer a survey question in order to access an article or video.For each answer, a site will earn $0.05 (about £0.03). There are a few companies already signed up to host the surveys – including AdWeek and New York Daily News.Prawn or chicken korma?On the other side, companies including Timbuk2 bags and Kasa Indian Eatery are submitting survey questions and paying $0.10 per response (about £0.06).It could be a great alternative to paywalls, or become just another annoying popup that users have to click through to get to content.The system isn't without its problems: The Atlantic Wire has already discovered that you can skip the surveys using an ad blocker; and will users answer questions accurately or just hit the first answer they see as an alternative to a close button?You can get Google's take on the system from its promotional video.Related StoriesPinterest to revamp profile pages, launch iPad app
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Windows Phone 7 root tool to be released

For those of you who own a Windows Phone 7 powered device and want to do more than just the usual with it, then getting under the Windows Phone 7 “skin” would be the next step to take, tinkering with the software according to your own ability. There seems to be a new root tool version that will feature a full blown registry editor, file system browser and certificate injection capabilities that hopefully, will be able to (in the words of the folks behind the root tool) ‘re-energize the homebrew community’. Basically, WP7 Root Tools 0.9 alpha and WP7 Root Tools SDK 0.1 will offer true root access to devices that feature stock ROMs – and just in case you did not know, rooting is a process where one is able to access system files and make modifications to them. Devices running on custom ROMs will not be exempt, either, although you need to make sure that your device is Interop Unlocked in order to maximize the use of WP7 Root Tools. Just bear this in mind, that you would best make a backup of your device before attempting anything of this sort as you can never quite tell just when Murphy might strike.
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