DevOps Engineer (True Money) – Ascend Group Co., Ltd.

Key Responsibilities
● Contribute to, and can lead, the design and development of CICD process, pipelines, automation services and solutions at Ascend Money on various platforms e.g. Openshift, Kubernetes, and Cloud (AWS, GCP)
● Deliver technologies and solutions to all countries that True Money operates
● Produce clear documents on implemented technologies and solutions
● Regularly conduct knowledge sharings and workshops
● Manage and maintain existing services and tools such as Jenkins, SonarQube, Vault, Kibana, ElasticSearch … etc
● Improve Logging and Monitoring Dashboards for systems that have been implemented
● Day-to-day support and collaboration with developers, infra, architect and QA teams, to influence design, operate and architect solutions in multitiered environments
● Produce clear documentation for delivered solutions to the related team.
● Align & Sync with Ascend International Tech Team about Technology, Tools and CI/CD Standard for Ascend.
● Research, suggest and transfer new technologies to team and others
● Improve process and shorten development life cycle

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