Bangkok Jobs FAQ

Recruiting and job board frequently asked questions

Welcome to the Bangkok Jobs recruiting and job board frequently asked questions section. If you have a query regarding our job board or more general online recruitment questions then you may find the answers in this section. 

If you cannot find the answer to your specific query, then send your question to us using the form in our  contact section and one of our recruitment experts will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

What is Bangkok Jobs ?

Bangkok Jobs is a job board offering the different options available on the site for employers as well as job seekers. Bangkok Jobs provides you all the online tools to meet the right candidates by providing all the key services of a successful job search: consulting offers (also on social networks), posting of resume, news and advices in our blog.

Gathering the main actors of market employment, Bangkok Jobs is an essential intermediary for companies and jobs seekers.

What are the services offered by Bangkok Jobs?

-List your CV in Bangkok Jobs: Allow to recruiters will have access to the database
-Newsletter for companies: You will be keep in touch about the last news on Bangkok Jobs (discount, new services).

Is it free to the candidates?

Consulting job and all services are totally free in back office. The diffusion of jobs offers for recruiters are paid services.

Bangkok Jobs Updates

Try out our enhanced Job Alerts service. By subscribing to this service, all jobs posted on our site that match your criteria will automatically be emailed to you twice daily.This new service will also provide you with relevant, up-to-date labour market information straight to your inbox.

How to Use Search Filters in  Bangkok Jobs?

Simple, quickly and effective Bangkok Jobs you can find your future job from the search bar engine located on the home page. You can search by location, keys words. Once identified and validated your criteria, you will be directed to the results page. When you click on an offer, you will have all of the Jobs offers. When you will arrive in the page of the offer, you will be redirected to the offer on the site where it is published if available (by a web link).

You can also customize the current view of the jobs by using the left sidebar filters or selecting the Browse job search menu.

Who are the offers?

The vacancies advertised are aimed for both beginners and more experienced. The site is completely general (all jobs/internships, all sectors), national and international scale.

What are the best practices when advertising job vacancies online?

When advertising job vacancies with Bangkok Jobs board, there are several options available to you and if you do not have experience of advertising job vacancies online then it can be easy to forget or omit information that could be considered important for a prospective candidate and graduates who may see your advert. You want as many relevant and high quality candidates as possible to apply for your vacancy so ensuring that your listing is as comprehensive and detailed as possible is very important.

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Where the offers come from?

Bangkok Jobs sources are mainly posted by companies, Recruitment firms, temping, press.

How often are jobs offers updated?

Everyday. Bangkok Jobs collects new offers, takes into account the change offers and removes the offers that are no longer accessible.

How do I know if a job is still available?

On Bangkok Jobs, the jobs offers stay for  limited time on our website. If you cannot find the job offer you’re looking for, it means that it may have been removed by the recruiter.

I answered a job offer but I can’t find it anymore online, can you send it again?

Unfortunately, we do not store jobs offers once they are deleted by the recruiters. Please contact the company concerned.

 How to apply for a job?

For more details about how to apply a job please look up online:

 « How to find a job in Bangkok? »

 What privacy for my research?

We do not disclose any personal information regarding the use of our services.