Highlights from Indeed Interactive: Search for Greatness (Part One)

Indeed Interactive is back, and it’s bigger than ever. On Tuesday, over 1700 talent leaders from across the country gathered to join us at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Austin, Texas to explore what it means to “Search for Greatness.”

With over 40 breakouts this year (not to mention a stellar array of speakers on the main stage) it’s impossible to cover all the action, so instead here are a few highlights from Tuesday.

On the main stage

Senior Director of Field Marketing Kevin Walker kicked off proceedings by exploring how Indeed’s mission of helping people get jobs is realized in 2018, while also posing the question: “What gets in the way of pursuing greatness today?”

President of Indeed Chris Hyams took to the stage twice—first to speak about Indeed’s Hire solution where he made this memorable observation: “The greatest enemy to innovation is certainty.”  Describing Indeed Hire as an “R & D lab for recruiting” Chris shared key insights from two years’ worth of experimentation. He was also in conversation with Megan Smith, the first female CTO of the United States, on the theme of creating change through connection and collaboration. We were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to talk with Megan.


Other speakers on the main stage included Indeed SVP Michele Watson, who spoke about Indeed Client Services’ change to become Client Success “to reflect that it’s all about you and making you successful” and Indeed SVP Paul D’Arcy, whose keynote “Search for Greatness” contained so much insight that it had to be split into two parts! Paul was on hand to answer some questions afterwards:


Top-Rated Workplaces

Move over, the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys! Over the past year, Indeed has been recognizing the Top-Rated Workplaces on our Company Pages, and this year at Interactive Kevin Walker had the honor of handing out handsome trophies to representatives of some of the winning firms.

Congratulations go to Wells Fargo for ranking first in the HR category, Habitat for Humanity for placing first among nonprofits and Texas-based retail giant H-E-B for coming top of the retail category.

Here’s an inspirational quote from one of our winners:

“When candidates come in they very clearly see that we live our mission and our values, which recognize the inherent dignity of all peoples,” said Jason Walker, Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Habitat for Humanity.

Breakout insights

In the Discover Zone guests had the option to build their own Dragon’s Breath cocktail. The not so-secret ingredient was nitrogen, which resulted in fumes billowing from the noses of those who drank one.

We also have a record number of breakouts at Interactive this year, and on Tuesday insight and data flowed in abundance. Indeed Recruitment Evangelist Daniel Fellows explored Taking Control of the Candidate Journey, while Mark Reilly, our Director of Employer Insights for the APAC region, flew in to deliver an illuminating workshop on how to course correct…

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