Indeed Everywhere: Why Jargon in Job Ads Could Be Costing You Talent

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Confusing your candidates is not an effective hiring strategy

Having trouble attracting young job seekers? Take a look at your job descriptions and see if you’re using too much jargon.

According to a study conducted by Business in the Community, jargon in job adverts can put off young job-seekers. The study found that 66% didn’t understand what they were applying for, especially when job descriptions had phrases like “SLAs”, “KPIs”, “procurement”, and “compliance”. These job listings also left young people feeling like they didn’t “deserve” a role, or weren’t “good enough” to apply due to being intimidated by the job description. Employers could be losing top talent this way.

So how do we solve this? Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at Indeed, gives some tips on crafting an effective job description: “The key is to find the perfect balance between providing enough detail so candidates understand the role and the company, while keeping the description concise.” Read more at Business Insider.

But wait, there’s more…

Indeed recently announced its partnership with with German soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt, and the future looks bright for both sides. Eintracht Frankfurt had been looking for a main sponsor, while Indeed is interested in expanding in Germany’s job market the city and surrounding area is one of the fastest-growing international hubs in the world. Check out SportsPro for more on their partnership.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the home of tech hub Silicon Valley, and as such it’s a thriving metropolitan region that attracts some of the world’s best talent and top companies. Indeed dived into the data to find the cream of the crop in the region. The result? A list of the best San Francisco area companies to work for, as covered by Forbes.

What will the U.S. look like in 40 years? Well, according to Jed Kolko, chief economist at Indeed, it could look like Las Vegas at least demographically. The future America can be found by looking at Las Vegas today, with a projected decrease in the white share of the population and an increase in numbers of Hispanics and Asians. Read the in-depth article at FiveThirtyEight.

Northern and Midwestern states have seen an increase of small business jobs over the last three years. In South Dakota alone, jobs posted for small businesses have risen by 75%. Why are small business jobs growing in these states? Read all about it in Small Business Trends.

Time ninja, scrum master, sandwich artists wacky job titles are meant to communicate a company’s culture, but only within the right context. Just as jargon confuses job seekers, so words like “ninja”, “rockstar”, or “guru” in job descriptions can put people off, as most people search for roles that match their skills and not their values. The takeaway: focus more on conveying the specifics of a role, and leave the quirkiness to the workplace. More at The UK…

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