Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    • Anywhere

    We’re looking for an experienced network engineer to join us. This position can be part time, or potentially even project-based.

    VLoss is a startup developing a global reverse proxy caching network based on Nginx and Varnish for WordPress users.

    Desired Skills, Experience and Requirements:

    • 1 – 2  years of project experience in network administration
    • Good command of PHP and/or Javascript, C++
    • Understanding of MySQL, Apache, and Linux
    • Capable of writing custom rules for Nginx, Varnish and load balancing nodes on Gcloud, Rackspace and AWS platform
    • Understanding and experience with WordPress Codex
    • Experience with Cloudflare API, and/or reverse proxy caching is highly desirable
    • Ability to set realistic deadlines and deliver products on time
    • Demonstrates open, honest communication and a positive attitude

    Strategy & Planning:

    • In partnership with the company’s founders, identify opportunities and risks for delivering the company’s services as a web-based business, including identification of competitive services, opportunities for innovation, and assessment of marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles to the business success.
    • Evaluate and identify appropriate technology platforms (including mobile/web application frameworks and the deployment stack) for delivering the company’s services.

    Implementation & Deployment:

    • Establish architecture for platform re-build in such a way that stability, loading-speed and scalability are secure during scaling and adding of new markets.
    • Collaborate with product team to continuously improve the application.

    Benefits & Additional Information

    Depending on experience

    Let us know what you’re looking for. Make sure you respond with the details of your experience.

    Essential Functions:

    1. Designing a reverse proxy caching network for our company, and as a product for our customers
    2. Integrates third-party APIs
    3. Interacts with team members and internal clients to assess present and future needs of new projects.