Technical Specialist (Anti-Corruption) – Bangkok

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Technical Specialist (Anti-Corruption) – Bangkok

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my contract be with UNDP?

Your contract with UNDP will be for an initial period of one year. It is renewable for additional periods – normally of one year – based upon satisfactory performance and organizational needs. The overall duration of your contract may extend to four years maximum. Thereafter, there may be opportunities to continue with UNDP on a selected basis.

How will I know whether I am a serious candidate for the position I applied for?

You will be contacted directly by UNDP. Unfortunately, we are only able to respond to those applicants in whom we have a further interest.

How can I learn more about UNDP?

To find out more about UNDP, just click on “About Us” in the UNDP jobs web site or go directly to

How will the selection process work?

Your application will be reviewed carefully in relation to the requirements of the position and the relative qualifications of other candidates. Senior Headquarters and UNDP Country Office management will actively participate in the selection process. All short-listed candidates will be interviewed and reference-checked. Interviewed candidates will be informed of the outcome within about two weeks from the date of the interview.

How will I know that I am selected and when I am expected to start?

As indicated above, as the candidate selected for the position, you will be informed within about two weeks from the date of your interview. An offer will be made shortly thereafter. You can expect to start within about six weeks from the date that you are informed of your selection.

May I apply to more than one position?

Yes. You may apply to more than one position. You must make a separate application for each position for which you wish to be considered. We would you to look carefully at the requirements for each position and apply only to those for which you are qualified.

How much annual leave will I get?

You will receive six weeks of annual leave per contract year, accrued at 2.5 days per month.

Does UNDP provide housing in the duty station where I will be assigned?

You will need to find your own housing in the country to which you are assigned. The cost of housing in each duty station is factored into the cost-of-living element of your compensation. UNDP staff at the duty station will assist you in finding suitable and affordable housing.

Does UNDP offer any assistance to find employment for my spouse in the country where I will be working?

We very much appreciate that the career of one spouse may be interrupted with the relocation of another. While we do not have a formal program of spouse employment assistance, we encourage new staff to let the UNDP Country Office in the location of assignment know of their interest in finding suitable employment for their spouse.

Do I have to pay income taxes on the salary I earn?

Your UN income is free of all federal, state and local income tax. If you are a US citizen or permanent resident (“green card” holder”), you will be required to report your income each year and make quarterly payments of estimated taxes. However, as more fully described in a circular published by the UN Tax unit, the UN will cover your quarterly tax payments by issuing checks in your name to the IRS and to the appropriate state taxing authorities.

Will I get medical insurance for my family and myself?

UNDP offers a cash payment of $3000 per year in lieu of medical insurance, in addition to your base salary. If your are assigned to a UNDP country office, you can apply for medical coverage for yourself and your family directly with J. Van Breda and Co. International. Further information will be provided upon your joining UNDP. If you are assigned to New York Headquarters, UNDP will provide details of various health insurance organizations in the New York area that you could join.

In what currency will I receive my salary?

Your compensation will be paid in US dollars, or if so desired, in the local currency of the country where you will be assigned.

What security measures does UNDP offer?

UNDP is part of the UN Field Security System. Staff recruited for the advertised positions will be fully covered by this program. Details on the various aspect of security will be provided upon appointment.

With whom will I be working?

The job description, under “Duties and Responsibilities ” describes the organizational framework in which you will be working.

Will there be much travel associated with the job?

Most of the positions outside New York will require extensive travel to other countries in the sub-region. The New York-based positions generally involve less travel.

Who will pay for my relocation costs?

UNDP provides a one-time lump sum payment of $12,000, with an extra component of $3000 for one recognized dependant and $6000 for two or more dependents to cover relocation expenses to and from the assignment location.


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