Job Description

Chinese Media Analyst

We’re looking for a native or completely fluent Mandarin speaker that will assist us with selecting relevant media content in an online tool.

We have some work available that needs to happen 06am – 09am GMT +8, Monday – Friday. It is for a client based in pharmaceuticals, hence the need for someone with impeccable Mandarin and English language skills.

The analyst is required to log in to a third-party portal and search media content for relevant news. Any relevant news that is found is then is briefly summarised in English language (100 words max).

It is likely some days the task would take as little as 60 minutes while other days (when there is more content to look through) it will likely take the full three hours.

The payment is USD 10.00 per hour. You can charge always the full three hours even if you only have to work 60min.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to send us their CV and short cover letter to info(at)