Job Description

The Human Resource Department of the Waldorf Hilton Hotel London, wishes to inform the general public about the current hospitality job vacancies existing at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel here in United Kingdom.Furthermore, experience and qualified candidates are urgently needed to work on The Waldorf Hilton Hotel, which is located here in London.

Accountant, Barman / Bartender, Sales Representative, Translator, Kitchen Assistant, Chef, Front Office Assistant, Receptionist, Assistant Guest Relations, Room Attendant, Operator Service, Chef, Massage Therapist , Cleaning, Commis, Waiter/Waitress.

Employment Type: Full Time.
Monthly Salary: 3,100GBP and above depending on level of experience.
Preferred Language of Resume/Application: English, Spanish and Italian.
Years of Work Experience: One year minimum.



How to Apply

Interested person should forward his/her current CV/RESUME via email to the Human Resource Manager of the Waldorf Hilton Hotel for fast processing of application and consideration. Email: [email protected]