Job Description

I am looking for a Thai language teacher who can work with me on a project about Teaching Thai (Beginner/intermediate with focus on speaking). Preferably someone who has experience in teaching and course designing, and can teach in a systematic manner.

The teacher must also be fluent in spoken English.

I want a committed teacher who can provide great value.  This can be a great opportunity for a business a relationship and many more projects in the future.

There are some added benefits as well. The project would last about a month.

Salary is negotiable.

I would like to have a demo session before deciding. I would also like to the see the method you follow for teaching new learners/speakers.

Experienced teachers are required. Esp. who follow a systematic method.

Location: Phuket

Thank You.

How to Apply

Please email me your resume with your qualifications, experience and skillset. Please also tell me why you are suited for the job? Will you be able to assist in designing a course ? Do you have any experience with course creation/design?   Thank You

Job Location