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Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) is located in Columbia MO.  Reporting to the Vice-President of Finance & Operations, the Marketing Manager serves a vital role in a staff position providing effective Global management of the Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations, and Market Research activities for the company. In addition to managing these specific areas, the Marketing Manager plays a key role in the development, implementation and maintenance of Marketing and Sales Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans. As a major Global company, the position requires both Domestic and International marketing expertise.


EDI Details

There are key areas of marketing responsibilities at EDI that require special focus. These are due to industry practices and the sales growth that EDI continues to experience. Although some will be done by marketing department staff, the Marketing Manager has overall responsibility for all of the following key areas.

  • Strategic Planning – EDI is an aggressive company that is constantly evaluating the best way to serve the end users, both Municipal and Industrial. The Marketing Manager will define goals and objectives; develop marketing strategies through print media, e-mail campaigns, social media outlets for Aftermarket sales; develop marketing strategies for the new product introductions like the polishing filter, large bubble mixes, SMART system, etc.
  • Marketing Program Development – Will work with the Chief Innovation Officer to develop the marketing program for Symphony – (a suite of offerings including equipment, service, maintenance, and controls to optimize the energy consumption and performance of wastewater treatment plants);], develop the tools to be used by sales personnel to train representatives, and schedule presentations for trade shows to educate the market on the program and other market innovations.
  • Case Studies – Will serve as an integral part of the promotional efforts at EDI. Case Studies are used significantly in the industry to support sales functions; and serve as both a reference point as well as a testimonial for EDI. The Marketing Manager will oversee all preparation of Case Studies, a key output of the Marketing Department.
  • Securing of Client References – Will oversee obtaining client references, which are used much the same as a Case Study, except they are based on an individual (and not the project). References go hand-in-hand but require constant review.
  • Responsible for researching the market and competitive strategies regarding sales force organizations and make recommendations about how EDI ought to change its structure.

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