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Thai Culture Course Into Figures

In 2015, out of 183 qualified applicants and candidates who attended the Thai Culture Course held at Burapha University, 75% were Asians, 20% were Africans, and 5% were Americans, Europeans, Australians and South-Africans. Most of Asian teachers present at the…

Chromatic Lexicon

As a result of our research, we have made this lexicon based on general chromatic effects of colors on people, with a minimal reliance on idioms, as described by Goethe and viewed and described from a painter’s point of view,… Traffic at a glance:

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Chromatic Assessment Tool (CAT)

APPENDIX Original article in French here and in English here. Appendix [] Please see the different figures, methods, metrics, lexicon and other elements which complete and support our work/finding using the links below: Algorithm and Input Live Demo of the…