The 20 Hottest Companies for Job Seekers in 2018

With the unemployment rate hitting record lows, the battle for talent is on. Big or small, every company has to fight to win the attention of today’s savvy job seeker.

Of course, everybody is different and has a unique set of priorities, so there is no single way to attract talent. That said, there are some things that many people find attractive — for instance, the opportunity to perform meaningful or innovative work, high wages, flexible conditions and the potential for career growth opportunities. If you can provide a mix or all of those, you’re off to a good start.  

But who is catching the eye of job seekers in 2018?  To find out, our analytics team calculated the average amount of job-seeker interest for all job titles at all companies, and then compared it to the actual level of interest each firm is receiving, based on clicks through to jobs posted.  The result? A snapshot of who’s winning the battle for talent in 2018. Let’s dig in — the results may surprise you.

Electric car innovator Tesla places first on our “hottest companies” list

Just as job seekers are diverse, so we see a wide range of industries reflected in the hottest companies top 20 — everything from tech to transportation to health care, aerospace, food and services. But as for who places first, it’s none other than transportation-tech trailblazer Tesla.

In fact, despite founder Elon Musk’s recent controversies, the firm — a driving force in electric vehicles, solar panels and lithium-ion batteries for energy storage — remains a prime draw for job seekers, winning 47% more interest from job seekers than average. Tesla last year released its Model 3, a luxury, all-electric, four-door sedan, and it has since become one of America’s fastest-selling cars.

Meanwhile, a considerably older transportation company, Enterprise Holdings, places third. It’s the largest rental car service in the US,with Enterprise, National and Alamo. Founded by decorated US navy pilot Jack Taylor shortly after World War II, the transportation giant is now exploring the self-driving space, as it recently announced a deal with startup Voyage to manage its autonomous cars.

Sandwiched in between at number two is refreshment, cereal and snacks behemoth PepsiCo, which is not the only purveyor of food and drink to crack the top 10. Second place Pepsico wins 27% more interest from job seekers than average, which underscores how dramatic first place Tesla’s lead is over the other companies on our hot jobs list. Meanwhile, multinational  Sysco (#7), a global leader in the restaurant, hospitality, health care and campus food service, is also attracting above average levels of interest from job seekers.

Tech firms a major draw for many job seekers

Besides Tesla, which marries modern tech with car manufacturing, we see five other tech firms in the top 10: Microsoft, Facebook, Honeywell, Apple and Cisco.

The second tech heavy hitter on our most attractive list is Microsoft (#4), which among other plans just announced that it’s joining SAP and Adobe to develop its Open Data Initiative,…

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