Tips to Find and Hire More Top Healthcare Talent Today

We rely on talented healthcare professionals to be there when we need them, providing the care that keeps us healthy, happy and productive. But as the population ages — and there’s an increased demand for services as more people need access to care — the healthcare sector faces widespread talent shortages that are expected to grow worse over the coming years.

As more baby boomers approach retirement age, healthcare institutions are struggling to recruit, hire and retain talent to take their places. More than half of today’s nurses are over 50 years old and 43% of physicians are over age 55. Facilities are working hard to hold onto the talent they hire, with average healthcare turnover rates exceeding 19% in 2015.

Our own data reveals a mismatch between the number of healthcare jobs and the number of job seekers searching for those jobs. For example, searches for home health aides tracked closely with job postings in recent years, but in 2016, job postings began to outpace searches and the trend lines diverged.

What can healthcare recruiters do to overcome these hurdles and find the talent they need to keep facilities running at full steam? Let’s look at four strategies to optimize healthcare hiring practices amid fierce competition in a fast-changing industry.

1. Use technology to reach more qualified candidates.

Technology is revolutionizing every industry, and healthcare is no exception. As you try to attract younger candidates to your organization to replace retiring baby boomers, it’s especially important to master the tech tools that can modernize your recruiting processes.

To reach the millennial and Generation Z cohorts, mobile-friendly job search and application processes are crucial. However, one survey found just 33% of healthcare employers have a mobile-optimized career page, and only 27% have a mobile-friendly application process. If you haven’t already, now is the time to prioritize these digital updates.

Your ATS has the potential to eliminate time-consuming paperwork and help you identify your best hiring sources. But the same survey found just 27% of healthcare employers believe their ATS is accurately tracking applicant sources, with the majority relying on self-reporting by applicants. If this sounds like your hiring organization, it might be time to refocus efforts to make sure your ATS is working for you and supplying your team with accurate data.

Finally, job search today begins with online search, so make sure you’re allocating enough of your healthcare organization’s recruitment advertising budget to online job search engines. When you advertise on Indeed, you gain important data insights that can help you find and hire more of the nurses, physicians and specialists your facility needs.

2. Build your reputation in the healthcare industry with a strong employer brand.

New graduates and experienced professionals alike are researching your organization before deciding whether to apply. Do you know what they’ll find?

Healthcare environments can be notoriously tense. It’s up to you to show candidates what are you…

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