Top-Rated Workplaces: Best in Tech

When it comes to disruption, tech companies are the experts. In the last year, we’ve seen everything from the expansion of 3-D metal printing (which could change the face of mass production) to new alternatives for urban transportation (the explosion in electric scooter use in US cities) re engineered by tech.

It turns out that companies in tech are also pretty great at pleasing employees. When it comes to working in tech, over-the-top benefits often come to mind. The companies on this year’s Top-Rated Tech list are are no exception — Facebook provides free housing for interns, and Airbnb gives employees up to $2,000 per year to spend on travel and accommodations at any Airbnb rental. But there are only so many material things companies can offer employees. At a certain point it comes down to other factors, like leadership or flexibility.

To learn more about about the tech companies delivering the best workplace experiences, we analyzed data from over 100 million ratings and reviews included on Indeed Company Pages. We also dug into the specifics of what employees are saying about working there to get more nuanced insight into day-to-day life at these companies. Here’s who made our second annual Top-Rated: Best in Tech workplaces list.

The 10 top-rated tech companies in 2019

Topping our list this year is Facebook, moving up two places from its spot on last year’s rankings. Though the company has faced its fair share of controversy recently, it seems it hasn’t significantly affected how employees feel about working there.

One theme we see running throughout the Top-Rated: Best in Tech is an effort toward greater transparency. At Facebook, employees have weekly Q&As with CEO Mark Zuckerberg — a live session takes place at headquarters in Menlo Park and is recorded and broadcast to thousands of employees all over the globe.

And number-three Airbnb, a newcomer to this list, responded quickly to a recent employee survey that suggested employees wanted more openness and honesty. They now have biweekly all-company meetings, with notes on the meeting distributed within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Adobe, number two for the second year, recently reached an impressive transparency and inclusiveness milestone — they achieved global gender pay parity.

Another commonality among these companies is a flexible approach to promotion and time management. Facebook allows employees who don’t want to be managers to advance in the company as individual contributors.

Number-four Intuit, a business and financial software company up four places from its spot last year, has a 10% unstructured time policy. The policy encourages employees to work on something they are passionate about, whether it is related to a specific customer problem or their own professional development.

Meanwhile, tech pioneer Yahoo jumped five places from last year’s #10 spot to fifth place based on reviews on their Indeed Company Page over the last two years. Now that it’s operating as a brand alongside fellow tech pioneer AOL as part of Verizon Media Group, it will be interesting to see how…

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