Video: How to Tackle Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Open the Door to Great Talent

In part one of this video series, Indeed SVP Paul D’Arcy explored the research behind unconscious bias and how it can affect hiring decisions. Unconscious bias can have the unfortunate effect of screening out exactly the kinds of candidates companies need: people with fresh perspectives who can add value to their companies.

So what can employers do about it?

Screening out unconscious bias

At this year’s Indeed Interactive, Paul also shared some of the solutions he received to this challenge both from audience members and in a problem-solving breakout session. 

These strategies come from a diverse range of organizations and people, all of whom are experimenting with new ways of mitigating bias. The suggestions included removing details like names, locations, race and national identities from resumes under consideration.

One philharmonic orchestra is holding its auditions behind screens so the gender of each performer isn’t revealed, and a law firm is scrubbing education details from their resumes so their decisions are not swayed by a school’s prestige.

The results of these efforts have been very eye-opening.

With bias removed from the process, candidates who employers might have overlooked before are starting to get a fairer shake. Businesses in turn are benefitting from the fresh perspectives those candidates bring with them.

To learn more about how organizations are screening out their unconscious biases, watch this short video of Paul’s Interactive address above.

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