2018: The Year in Search

At the end of each year, we at Indeed like to look back and see which trends in job search were on the rise and which were on the decline. The terms people search for can tell us a lot about the world of work and what’s going on in the minds of job seekers, as well as give us a glimpse into social trends worldwide.

This year, Indeed’s analytics team scrutinized traffic in eight countries, from the United States to India to Australia. The diverse results give us an intriguing series of snapshots from around the world.

For instance, some US job seekers were intent on combining work with play, as searches for “vacation tester” — which is exactly what it sounds like — jumped by 3,199%. Meanwhile, the growth in transportation sharing coincided with a spike in searches for “LimeBike” (recently rebranded as Lime) — a dockless bicycle- and scooter-sharing service popular across cities and campuses.

Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, and there was a corresponding surge in searches for “cannabis” in our neighbor to the north. In Germany, searches for jobs related to “Instagram” reflected the age of new media we live in and the rise of social media influencers.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Want more on this year in job searches around the world? Take a look at the infographic below for insights.


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