Audit Innovation: Data Specialist (Associate/Senior) – KPMG Phoomchai Audit Ltd.

Job Description 

The Audit Innovation team sits within the Audit function and is a facility that brings together analytics and intelligent automation specialists
to provide a capability that allows internal and external customers to commission one-off pieces of analytics work, proofs of concept or ongoing data oriented managed services. It represents a critical component to Audit Innovation and Quality; and is where
much of the innovative early thinking takes place on data driven and intelligent automation projects. The successful candidate will perform a role comprised of two focus areas, client delivery and development.

Their role is to understand the full spectrum of data feature retrieval, selection, and engineering; model technique selection and integration; interpretation of
outputs; and development of recommendations. They are able to identify commonalities across seemingly disparate analytics use cases, in order to identify unique ways of approaching modeling.

They generally work on implementing complex big data projects with a focus on collecting, parsing, managing, analyzing and visualizing large sets of data to turn
information into insights using multiple skill sets. These include code development and deployment, supporting data processing pipelines; data mining/science algorithms; and visualization engineering.

The work is highly varied, and the successful candidate will have the opportunity to enhance and take their skills to the next level by gaining strong consulting
and business experience whilst developing their ability to manage work streams, projects, and budgets.

We are looking for someone to join our team to focus on the following: 


Client delivery 

  • Working in project teams to perform key steps in the data analysis process specifically data management process
  • Support build of big data environments that enable analytics solutions on a variety of big data platforms including cloud as required by the client, and
    create robust documentation of solutions, architecture, automation workflows, and operation procedures
  • Demonstrated ETL solution design and build expertise, work stream management skills, and business consulting acumen
  • Using data analytics tools and techniques to identify patterns, extract outliers, and perform analyses to address client problems
  • Contribute to written deliverable and reporting of outcomes to clients.
  • Optimizing the existing process to improve efficiency and quality of the deliverable. 


  • Working in project teams to develop data analytics solutions and data-driven technology assets for internal and external clients.
  • Developing solution features, following development best practices and architecture guidelines
  • Testing and validating solutions
  • Developing competence in a broad range of technologies and frameworks for managing all aspects of the data life cycle 
  • Undertaking technical training to acquire and demonstrate expertise in data analysis and design & build of solutions
  • Keeping abreast of developments across the data and analytics landscape, with the desire to translate cutting-edge techniques and technologies into our project


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