Back-End Developer job at Monad Indonesia

Founded by YC Alums and Serial Entrepreneurs, Monad's mission is to give free internet access to half the world. We're funded by a leading VC firm and work with some of the largest telecoms in emerging markets like Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, etc.

⊙ Develop, experiment, evaluate low level blockchain protocol software.  
⊙ Be comfortable reading, running, and contributing to open source blockchain projects. 

⊙ BS degree in Computer Science, or similar technical field of study. 
⊙ Experience with one or more programming languages: Java, C/cplusplus, csharp, Python, JavaScript, or Go. 
⊙ Experience working on web applications, mobile applications, linux environments, distributed systems, or software security. 
⊙ Experience with algorithms that improve a product’s capabilities, speed, or reliability. 
⊙ Experience with data structures as well as debugging code and submitting appropriate fixes. 
⊙ Good communication skills in verbal and written English. 
⊙ Interest and ability to learn as needed.

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