Best of the Bay: The Bay Area’s Top-Rated Workplaces in 2018

Whether we’re talking about the hottest new startups, the coolest company headquarters or the latest scandal, Bay Area firms have a knack for capturing the world’s attention. And when most people think about the the Bay Area, they typically associate the region with the game-changing tech companies that command all the headlines.

Yet while these types of businesses are certainly abundant (hello, Apple) and define the Bay Area in the popular imagination, they only represent a slice of the businesses that have large presences in the region. In truth, the Bay Area is also home to everything from finance to pharmaceutical to retail giants.

But of all these firms, which receive the highest ratings from employees? To understand what it is that makes Bay Area employees of all stripes excited about their work, our data team looked beyond the news headlines, analyzing data from over 72 million ratings and reviews listed on Indeed Company Pages to find out who’s leading the pack.

Trending Topic: Facebook claims the number one spot

To judge by the headlines, Facebook has had a tumultuous year.  Even so, in the eyes of its employees, it remains a place where people enjoy going to work: reviews and ratings on Indeed place the company in our number one spot.

While big tech players make up a large portion of the companies on the list, there are plenty of nontech industries represented, including pharmaceutical companies (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbvie, Amgen, Roche), finance institutions (Capital One, Charles Schwab) and health-care organizations (Kaiser Permanente).

And while the big tech firms are known for their extravagant perks and culture, these other firms give them a run for their money: medical and consumer products firm Johnson & Johnson offers $35,000 in financial assistance for fertility treatments and $20,000 in reimbursement benefits for adoption or surrogacy, while finance company Charles Schwab offers a month-long paid sabbatical for employees of five years or more.  

It’s also interesting to see how this year’s results stack up against last year’s. Many of the companies on our 2018 list also earned top rankings last year, including Facebook, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente, Genentech and Cisco.

Salesforce occupies second place, just behind Facebook. Two of the companies achieved the exact same ranking two years in a row, with Kaiser Permanente (also the top-rated healthcare employer on Indeed) holding the line in third place and Genentech doing the same at # 11. Meanwhile, Cisco moved up four places from #17 to #13.

But there are also several notable newcomers to our rankings. Pharmaceuticals giant Bristol-Myers Squibb landed in the #10 spot and finance giant Capital One placed 14th, while hospitality innovator Airbnb made an impressive first entry onto the list by coming in at #5 this year.

The best of the best: What makes the top five companies stand out

With the majority of our top five appearing on last year’s list and gracing our other top workplace lists (Healthcare, Tech),  they are clearly doing something right. Let’s look…

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