Covenant Living Case Study: Achieving an 83% Offer-to-Hire Conversion Rate

How does a not-for-profit organization compete successfully for a shrinking pool of talent in this hotly competitive labor market? 

As a non-profit, Covenant Living Communities and Services doesn’t have the deep pockets to increase wages as much as some other companies, so outside-the-box thinking was needed to meet its hiring goals. 

Working closely with Indeed, Covenant Living began to centralize its budget and then created National Hiring Days. Using Indeed Hiring Platform, all 18 communities come together to conduct interviews on the same day. Optimizing the budget this way increased awareness, with relevant talent exploring new opportunities across Indeed and Glassdoor, and delivered great results. Covenant Living held National Hiring Days in July and October 2021, with plans for more, thanks to the measurable impact on high-volume hiring. 

“Simplicity determines whether a candidate sticks with the application process or drops out,” says Terri Cunliffe, Chief Executive Officer of Covenant Living. “Indeed Hiring Platform makes it extremely easy for job seekers to apply for roles. And IHP helps our HR teams connect with great candidates a lot more quickly and at a much lower cost.”

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