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Director works with both external and internal stakeholders to promote the field of communication, with ICA as its standard bearer. The Director is responsible for spearheading publications-related strategic direction initiatives and for the planning, coordination, and management of ICA’s integrated marketing and public relations functions. In addition, the Director will direct and communicate the organization’s messaging and ensure overall continuity of institutional brand consistency and image in line with rebrand completed in 2019. Moreover, the Director will support the organization’s staff and board in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with external organizations, funders and publishers, and serve the Executive Committee in the development and implementation new Association programs where there is an identified need. While the Association is based in Washington, DC, the Director position and approved to work from almost any locale in the world.


  • Planning, organizing, and directing overall communication strategies and public information activities for the organization;
  • Managing, planning, directing, controlling, and implementing a proactive communication program to enhance the reputation of the association and visibility of the field;
  • Overseeing internal and external communication and presentations, in close relation with the managing staff of ICA divisions, interest groups and committees;
  • Overseeing the association’s digital communication, including the content for the website and social media;
  • Developing, maintaining and promoting an ongoing service for members and interested external organizations that circulates updated news about member research, teaching, and service;
  • Coordinating, overseeing and attending press activities, such as press releases and events;
  • Maintaining extensive and positive relationships with national and international media, with publishing companies, and with ICA’s own editorial boards and editors
  • Representing the organization to the media as it pertains to coverage of publications-related issues and events (newsworthy research);
  • Providing detailed reports of activities to the Board on a biannual basis, including return-on-investment analyses;
  • Participating in strategic planning with the Executive Director and the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Serve as a liaison between communication scholars and key publics (e.g. the media, policy-makers, other academic organizations). The Director will be responsible for consulting with division chairs and fellows in order to identify interesting research and events….

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