Get the Balance Right! The Best Companies for Work/Life Balance in 2018

If working through lunch and sending midnight emails are the norm for you, the idea of achieving work/life balance may seem like a pipe dream. But for many employees today, it is increasingly important to create a greater sense of harmony between their professional careers and their personal interests.

In fact, a survey by Deloitte found that if salary is taken out of the equation, Millennials in particular name work/life balance as the most important determining factor when they’re considering job opportunities.

A more balanced style of working can also benefit employers. Overworked employees are more likely to suffer from mental and physical health problems, which in turn impacts productivity, increases turnover and drives up insurance costs. Aware of this, some companies are offering more generous parental leave packages, flexible work hours and remote working opportunities.

We wanted to learn more about which companies are taking the lead when it comes to work/life balance, so our data science team analyzed Indeed’s 72 million ratings and reviews to identify which companies receive the highest ratings for helping employees achieve a healthy balance between the personal and professional. Here’s what we found.

Real estate giant Keller Williams leads a range of companies from multiple industries

Our rankings are striking for the breadth of industries represented—they include tech, healthcare, banking, sports gear, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and consumer goods firms. However it is real estate giant Keller Williams that places first.

The takeaway? Awareness of the importance of work/life balance isn’t just restricted to a few hot companies in the tech industry, even if those are the ones which receive the most media coverage. Organizations across the country are putting serious effort into empowering their employees to successfully navigate work responsibilities, personal commitments and leisure time.

The top two companies in our ranking (Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker) are real estate firms, while another real estate company claims the number 7 spot (Century 21). This underscores the point that work/life balance isn’t some new trend. Real estate agents work to no set schedule and were setting their own hours long before the concept of flexible work became a trending topic in conversations about the labor market.

Another company which is implementing exceptional family-friendly and flexible work policies is sports apparel firm Nike (#8). This iconic brand may be in a very different line of business from Keller Williams, but it offers paid sabbaticals and discounts on fitness programs to boost work/life balance.

Then American Express (#11), which in 2017 not only upped its paid parental leave to at least 20 weeks for full time and part time employees, but also began offering employees free 24/7 access to lactation consultants, while covering breast milk shipping costs for mothers traveling on business.

And while tech firms may not have the monopoly on work/life balance, they do often create innovative solutions to support employees….

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