Global Spotlight: What Jobs Are Trending Across the World?

Finding a new job is a priority for many job seekers at the start of the year. In fact, our research shows over half of US workers consider a career change during this period. And this phenomena isn’t isolated to the United States. We also see a jump in job interest among other countries where Indeed has sites. This surge in job seeker activity means that it’s a great time for all employers to post a job. And even as searches grew in January, it’s important to remember that any time of year is good for finding the perfect candidate.

But what professions are people actually searching for? Let’s take a quick tour around Indeed’s global job search data to find out what’s trending and where. Below are some of the fastest growing searches we saw at the end of 2016:


Global Trends AU

Australia saw tremendous growth in searches for nurses and teachers, two professions facing serious shortages. The 627.4% growth in searches for nursing jobs is one of the largest trends we identified. Nurses are one of the top jobs listed on the Australian National Skill shortage list. It’s a promising sign to see job seeker interest growing so rapidly in this understaffed field.

We identified another surge in searches for data scientist. A job where we see interest on the rise, not only in AU, but in many countries. There is also new interest in transportation jobs, which may not be a surprise when you consider that in Western Australia train drivers can make over $100,000 AUD, making them among highest paid in the world.


Global Trends BE

The largest spike among job seekers (110%) in Belgium is for dietitian jobs. This is not a surprising trend coming from a country known for their chocolate, waffle, fries and beer. Many western countries experience a diet and fitness fads around the start of the new year, but Belgium is experiencing the most drastic growth in job interest for this field globally. This could be a labor market reaction to the the 172,000 tons of chocolate produced annually in Belgium.

Belgium is also seeing similar growth in nursing, education and tech roles. However, growth in searches for “occupational therapist” is particularly strong in Belgium. This growth makes sense considering the makeup of the Belgian workforce. Over half the Belgian population works in the service industry, a sector prone to cause physical stress or exertion. Another hypothesis for this trend is driven by the aging population. Occupational Therapists can help older people recover from various illnesses through activities designed to stimulate their physical cognitive processes.


Global Trends FR

France is showing strong growth in some caring professions: special education teachers and nurses in particular. However, we don’t see quite the same massive increases we are observing in some countries. Still the 174.9% jump in searches for “special education teacher” is a big trend in France. The French education system provides free education to children from preschool to high school and some college equivalent training. Recruiters from private medical clinics or…

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