Growth Hacking Intern (Australia) job at ThunderQuote Singapore

ThunderQuote is a B2B marketplace-platform created by Hyron Infotech Pte. Ltd. to connect business services buyers to vendors to get free quotations and cut the hassle of looking for vendors for buyers. Similarly, we link up vendors to prospective clients for a small fee saving vendors lead generation time and marketing dollars.

We hope to hire growth hacking interns to assist us in our expansion to Australia, having received strong positive response from our users. Interns do not need to have any prior experience. They do need to have a strong willingness to learn and experiment as well as self-initiative as we encourage our interns to take charge and execute mini-projects with budgets allocated as required.

We are a small start-up with a relaxed environment which can be summed up in: We don't care how little time you spend doing your work or how you did it, as long as it gets done. 

We believe in mutual benefit and the importance of learning and growth so don't apply if you just want a boring job carrying coffee and doing whatever the boss says. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone to take charge of projects, allocate spending to make real and significant impacts.

  • Executing business development/marketing projects for our Australia expansion such as opening up new customer verticals, etc.
  • Initiating and testing new marketing efforts and projects for our Australia expansion
  • Tracking and analysing Australian growth projects' results
  • Preparatory work for Australia expansion's business development & marketing
  • Shadowing and working directly with CEO for meetings with large clients, investors and events
  • Willingness to execute and learn
  • Daring to experiment
  • Self-motivated
  • Determined problem-solver
  • Communicate and work well with others
  • Good communications skills
  • Prior/current residency or studies in Australia is preferred

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