How Indeed’s New Product Features Help You Quickly Hire #ReadytoWork Candidates

The COVID-19 crisis has upended many of our traditional approaches to even the most simple, everyday tasks, and hiring and searching for jobs are no exception. Social distancing has made traditional in-person interviews a challenge, and in industries needing to fill roles as rapidly as possible, job seekers and employers are looking to communicate and connect however they can.

In this environment, fast, creative problem solving is more important than ever. Job seekers are still searching for jobs and employers are still hiring — and Indeed is here to help. In order to make these connections as fast and efficient as possible, we have added several new features to our products. Let’s take a quick look at what those features are, and what they mean for employers and job seekers. 

At a glance: Indeed COVID-19 product updates

Now let’s take a closer look at the changes we’ve implemented so that employers and job seekers alike can get the most from these new resources.

Instantly find top talent that is #readytowork now

In order to support job seekers to the fullest, we’ve tapped into the power of Indeed Resume — which includes more than 175 million resumes of job seekers who use Indeed. To indicate to employers that they are available to start work immediately, job seekers can now add #readytowork to their Indeed Resume. 

Employers have always been able to instantly search and filter resumes based on their needs, but they can now also zero in on job seekers who can start work right away with the new “ready to work now” filter. Employers can then message any of the 1 million+ job seekers who have already added the #readytowork hashtag, easily connecting organizations…

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