How One Silicon Valley Startup Overcame the Tech Talent Shortage

Finding world-class engineering talent is a struggle for many companies in today’s competitive job market. It’s even harder when you are a Silicon Valley-based startup competing with companies like Google and Facebook for software developers, engineers and other tech hires. For LiveAction, a network performance management company based in Palo Alto, CA, hiring top technical talent in a market with many big-name companies was extremely difficult. Acknowledging these challenges, LiveAction partnered with Indeed Prime to find high-quality tech professionals, recruit quickly and scale the organization to meet their business needs.

“Indeed Prime provides exclusive access for me and my team to search for top tech talent. We can set up filters, read detailed tech talent profiles — which includes more helpful information that the others don’t provide — we see candidate motivators, preferred salary, career aspirations, links to projects, coding assessment scores and the list goes on.” – Cleo Valeroso, Director of Human Resources

Recruiting software and engineering talent is harder than it’s ever been. Indeed recently surveyed over 1,000 tech hiring managers and recruiters to understand how the tech talent shortage is impacting their businesses. Almost 9 in 10 respondents (86%) said they find it challenging to find and hire technical talent, with over a third (36%) saying they find it “very” challenging.

LiveAction is an example of one company that was struggling to fill business-critical engineering roles. With their normal time-to-fill around five weeks for tech roles, they struggled to meet the demands of the business and placed undue pressure on their employees. LiveAction is not alone in facing these challenges, many companies are desperate to find engineering talent and often hire candidates that don’t meet the requirements of the job description. In fact, 53% of our survey respondents admitted to hiring someone unqualified for a position out of desperation. However, for companies like LiveAction, Indeed Prime offers a solution to the hiring challenges that plague the tech industry.

How Indeed Prime works

With Indeed Prime, LiveAction had exclusive access to newly vetted, change-ready tech professionals every week. Only the top 5% of tech candidates who participate in the rigorous coding assessments and talent reviews are invited to create Prime profiles.

LiveAction’ was able to set up specific filters to narrow their search and access detailed tech profiles. They could also identify candidate motivators: Preferred salary, career aspirations, links to projects, coding assessment scores and other factors to find the perfect job seeker. Indeed Prime enabled two-way communication between LiveAction’s Director of HR and candidates on the Prime Marketplace with a 90% candidate response rate and 60% “interested” candidate acceptance rate. These change-ready technical talent are invited to the marketplace for private communication with employers using the platform.

“Before Indeed Prime, the recruiters that called me – I knew they were…

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