Indeed Everywhere: A Spam Filter for Tech Jobs and Why HR Careers are Safe from Robots

Reporters from around the globe rely on Indeed to provide them with unique data and unparalleled insights. Here are some of our recent hits.

A “spam filter” for tech jobs

Computer programmers are constantly bombarded with job offers, so how can they separate the signal from the noise?

Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product at Indeed, spoke with Quartz about how Indeed Prime helps job seekers deal with the “embarrassment of riches” by filtering solicitations from recruiters so that job candidates can only see the jobs they’re interested in.

Along the way Raj also shared some key stats: that tech jobs are the third-largest category in “hard to fill” roles on Indeed (only sales and management pose a bigger challenge to recruiters), while in London and New York, tech jobs are the first- and second-most sought after roles.

The good news for employers? Prime is effective, says Raj — there’s a 90% reply rate. Check out Raj’s full interview with Quartz.

But wait, there’s more

What impact will artificial intelligence and machine learning have on recruiting? Carmen Bryant, Indeed’s Director of Employer Insights says it’s not an all-or-nothing game. Use technology to optimize the hiring process, but add an element of human connection to really make the experience stick. The complete interview is in

More than 10 percent of jobs created in the UK so far this year are in tech, and filling these positions is a challenge for employers. Artificial intelligence, data science, and software developer roles are the most desirable fields but demand outstrips supply. So what now? Read all about it in Bloomberg.

Technology is revolutionizing the workplace, but could it also be making employees “victims of work”? Paul Wolfe, SVP of HR at Indeed, gives some tips on creating a better work environment in this interview with Canada’s Global News.

Indeed data shows that for 100 out of 137 in-demand IT roles in Australia, interest from jobseekers based outside the country is stronger than local interest. Is Australia at risk of missing out on a chance to boost its tech economy? SVP of marketing Paul D’Arcy discusses the situation with The Australian.

We’ve all heard about the risk that automation poses to our jobs, but if you’re in HR, have no fear Indeed economist Daniel Culbertson has identified the field as one of the most “future-proof” professions today, citing significant human-to-human interactions and emotional decision-making as key factors in its resistance to a robot takeover. Read Daniel’s interview in HRD Canada.

Meanwhile, Indeed just launched Prime, the online career platform connecting employers to top talent in Ireland. Indeed data reveals that Software Developer is the hardest role to fill in Ireland’s tech sector, with 32% of vacancies still open after 60 days. Senior Java Developers, Front End Developers, Software Architects and .net Developers are also hard to come by. Silicon Republic has the details.

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