Indeed Interactive Day One Highlights: Indeed Partners with Goodwill, “Crazy Rich Asians” Author Kevin Kwan on Fostering Creativity and More

On Tuesday, over 1800 talent leaders from across the country gathered to join us at the Austin Convention Center in downtown Austin, Texas, to learn how to solve “The Talent Equation.”

This year, there are 12 keynotes and more than 100 speakers spread across 70 breakouts — not to mention a fantastic lineup of speakers on the main stage. Up above, you’ll see a little of what star speaker and Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan had to share with us.

And there was so much more. In fact, it’s impossible to document all the action, but here are some highlights from day one.

On the main stage

First, we were lucky enough to catch up with Indeed CEO Chris Hyams to learn a little about what the Talent Equation meant for him:

Then Carmen Bryant, Director of US Marketing was joined by Daniel Wahlen, Senior Manager of Employer Insights, who had traveled all the way from Dusseldorf, Germany to help host proceedings. Indeed SVP Paul D’Arcy delivered the first keynote on the main stage by exploring what it takes for candidates to choose your company, with a deep dive into the relationship between work, identity and how we choose our workplaces.

He also shared new research on the variables that drive job seeker decision-making and explored how brands — both employer and otherwise —  play a role in a candidate’s final choice.

Meanwhile, we were lucky enough to hear from Sheena Iyengar, professor at Columbia Business School and best-selling author of “The Art of Choosing,” as she gave an insightful talk about the art and science behind how individuals make choices and the less-obvious factors that influence a job seeker’s decision-making. She also shared a few thoughts with us:

Chief Economist at Indeed Jed Kolko followed with his keynote titled “What Happens When the Good Times End?” “Economists are not very good at predicting recessions,” Jed quipped. “…and everyone else is worse.” Even so he explored the question of whether we will face continued prosperity or an impending recession, how worried we should be and how talent professionals should think about the future in a fascinating, data-packed session.

Breakout Insights

In addition to our keynote speakers, we have a record number of insightful breakout sessions at Interactive this year.

Indeed Interactive Day One: Insightful breakout sessions

In Hello from the Other Side, a panel of job seekers told tales of career transformations. From autoplant worker to ER nurse, or PhD neuroscientist to sales manager, and coach to mental counsellor, the audience listened to inspiring true stories of radical career changes — and received encouragement to take a chance on unconventional hires in their own careers.

Senior Recruitment Evangelist Lauren Kort explored the highs and lows of a job…

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