Indeed’s Scariest Jobs This Halloween

As the days become shorter, the evenings darker and Halloween approaches, our minds often wander from candy and pumpkins to ghosts and ghouls. Whether you’re carving a jack-o-lantern or diving into a horror movie marathon, there’s no doubt that Halloween is the spookiest of holidays. But did you know that there are jobs that bring the fright year-round?

With an eerie feeling, we dove into the darkest corners of Indeed’s data to find Indeed’s scariest jobs, where they can be found and what cities are the capitals of scary jobs.

Ghost Tour Guides

This Halloween, the ghosts we talk about are a little different from the type we usually talk about (hint: these are real). Ghost tour guides take guests through houses, buildings and neighborhoods, telling them the spooky stories that haunt the area. Telling hair-raising tales while strolling through old and dark places earns this job a five out of five spooky ghosts on our scary job scale.

The cities with the most ghost tour-guide jobs are Boston, MA (where Charles Dickens is thought to haunt a hotel), Charlotte, NC, and San Antonio, TX, all old cities with rich (and haunted!) pasts.

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Taxidermists preserve animal bodies so they can be mounted and stuffed for display. Long relied on by hunters and museums wanting to showcase animals, taxidermists get 3 out of 5 spooky ghosts on our scary job scale because, although some people find animal displays scary, others appreciate them so much that they feature them as interior decor!

The highest concentration of taxidermists are in Grand Rapids, MI, Oklahoma City and Fort Collins, CO — popular hunting places surrounded by rural areas.

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Someone has to study the creepy crawly things that make so many of us jump when we see them. Luckily, entomologists take on that task — they’re insect experts. Because not all bugs cause us fright  (ladybugs are actually considered lucky and butterflies are downright beautiful), this job gets two out of five spooky ghosts on our scary meter.

The highest concentration of entomologist jobs are in Washington, DC, New York and Los Angeles.

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Haunted House Staff

One job description on Indeed asked for a haunted house actor with “a passion for scary scenarios.” Another said a key part of the job was “scaring the heck out of customers as they walk through.” Yikes! 

Since striking fear into the hearts of haunted house visitors is essential to this job, we think it merits a four out of five spooky ghosts on our scary scale.

And where are these scares concentrated? The highest number of haunted house worker jobs are in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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Though auditors may not feature in horror movies, if you’ve cut corners on taxes or bills, you may very well be dreading a call or visit from them. On the other hand, those whose books are in order have nothing to fear from auditors: for that reason, they get 2.5 out of five spooky ghosts on our scary scale.

The most auditors are in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles — giant cities with big financial sectors.


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