NES teachers in Ubon ฿0 Ubon


NES teachers in Ubon receive a monthly salary of ฿0.

NES teachers in Ubon province are currently earning a monthly salary of 30,000 baht, which has remained unchanged for several years. Other benefits such as health insurance and housing allowances are also not provided to these teachers. This low salary and lack of benefits have resulted in a shortage of qualified NES teachers in the province, making it difficult for schools to attract and retain skilled educators. As a result, many schools in Ubon province are suffering from a lack of native English-speaking teachers, which ultimately affects the quality of English education for students in the region.

In order to address this issue, it is crucial for the government and school administrators to recognize the importance of providing competitive salaries and benefits to NES teachers in Ubon province. By offering better compensation and support, schools can attract and retain qualified educators, ultimately improving the quality of English education for students. Additionally, investing in the professional development and well-being of teachers will benefit the overall education system in Ubon province.

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