My media website business experience

I made my mind, and once I was sure of what I was doing, I sat down to chalk out the plan and all the requirements that I’d have to make use of

The entertainment industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Hollywood, the world’s number one film industry, accounts for most of the GDP generated by the USA.

Honestly, half of the revenues that I create from my website is because it has a lot of movies, of different genres and different languages.

Besides movies, it also has various anime shows as well as some online flash player games. It wasn’t easy to reach a decision, but when I got the results, I knew that I was right.

My website has also been heralded as one of the most popular sites, and it has been showered with a lot of appreciation from all over the world. 

How did everything start?

I made my mind, and once I was sure of what I was doing, I sat down to chalk out the plan and all the requirements that I’d have to make use of. I had an idea which I had later implemented. I took account of a few essential topics, total investment and my target audience.

I formed a legal entity, keeping in mind that the future is not always bright and that successful people face hurdles that sometimes become impossible to be overcome. If in any way, my entertainment business would be sued, I would not be personally liable or accountable since I had legal backing.

I went on to register myself for the state and federal taxes. After registering myself, I had opened a business bank account to keep a check on the revenues that would be generated from my business. A few days later, I obtained my permits and licenses.

It was the most crucial step since without permissions, fines might have been imposed and to say the worst; my business could have been shut down. I got my business insurance too. Finally, I went on to create my entertainment website, and since then, I’ve always been on the winning side. 

How to get content?

Content not only defines your website but also how successful it will be. There is a sea of entertainment brands and websites out there, so you must come up with something unique and significant that will make your website stand out from your competitors’. The content must be well researched and optimized for search engines.

I had invested in search engine optimization (SEO). After all, if your website and your contents do not even show in the list of first ten websites at every Google search, you will not also be noticed. Search engine optimization takes time, but you will get the best result.

How to attract people?

Here is a list of things that I did:

  • Provided something unique: Although my main target was movies, I chose to include online games and anime shows as well. No entertainment website has both film and online gaming facilities, or not that I know of. So, when movie buffs visit my site, they will be introduced to gaming as well and if gamers visit my website, they will at least for once scroll through the list of movies and will find a genre of their preference. Same goes for the Anime lovers. 
  • Social Media: I have my accounts and pages on social media platforms where I actively share links to my website and frequently post about every new movie, show or game that I recently include. If people are not aware, they will not visit your site, that is it. 
  • Made a deal with other entertainment websites: To increase the reach, I developed connections with other website owners. They would promote my website, and in turn, I would encourage theirs. This tremendously increased traffic.
  • I did not give up: Well, it took time to get visitors finally, but I did not give up. Hold on, have some patience. Good work pays off. 

The primary source of income

The primary source of my income from my website has been advertisements. I have included the following things:

  • Affiliate link: I chose a few popular products from well-known brands and endorsed those and prompted those on my website. Many visitors purchased that product from the relationship that I had provided, and for every purchase, I got 30% to 70% of the service price of that particular product. For instance, if a tab costs $100 and I promote it, I will get at least $30 and maximum, $70. Most of the time, the split is generally 50%. An example of an affiliate link is คาสิโนออนไลน์
  • Pay-per-click advertising: After signing up on AdSense, I placed a simple code on my website, through which Google identified the contents of my site and after that, every visitor would be shown relatable advertisements when they would visit my website. For instance, since my website had anime shows, they would often show customized shirts with anime characters on them, comic books and many more products.
  • Later, I sold Ad Space: Affiliate links and Google’s AdSense helped me in increasing the revenue. However, once I sold my Ad Space to various companies and charged a price at the beginning, I realized that this was more profitable. Most of my clients are legal online casinos. One such is Asian Gclub Casino (จีคลับ) and All New GClub (they are different brand though).

Pros and Cons of my business


  • It is a very profitable way and generates a large amount of revenue in a comparatively shorter period.
  • It gives potential access to a global audience and a global market.
  • Zero to very little marketing costs


  • If you cannot make a name for yourself within a course of six months to a year, profits will be comparatively low.
  • Negative reviews are a drawback. You might feel like giving up.


I am satisfied with whatever decision I took because it clearly shows where I am today. I have gained a lot of experience and made a considerable amount of profit. If there is anyone out there still in dilemma whether to start an online entertainment business or not, go for it and work hard, it will pay off.