My Personal Experience of working in an Asian Casino

Macau Casino Job – Read a personal story from a staff member. Is casino online legal here? Get to know answers to such questions below!

Macau also called Vegas of the Far East is one of the hottest destinations to gamble in the world. It’s globally famous since the 19th century when the government made gambling a legal operation to generate revenue.

You would love to hear my personal story as a young dealer in Macau’s Casino. The blinking neon signs, dazzling dancers, glitzy DJs, cries of joy, and the super cheerful crowd may make you even forget casino online (สล็อตออนไลน์) for a while. Well, there are no such laws regarding online gambling in Macau. 

Thus, it’s pretty fair that people play slot online (คาสิโนออนไลน์) at their own risk considering it to be allowable. Yet, it’s accepted to place bets in foreign-based online casinos.

However, gambling in Macau generally hover around 6 most popular locations where you can work as a young dealer.

As foreigners, only Blue Card Holders are allowed to work. You can enjoy lots of games from basic slots to blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette. 

These big entertainment machines have brought a lot more for the workers as well. Exploring the social essence is one of the main reasons behind my decision of working here in Macau.

Initially, you will experience good going on with lots of social exposure, meeting new friends, forming relationships, and all the similar stuff.

And, as time passes by, you will get used to such things and will not find anything crazy. Well, it’s normal human behavior.

Visa laws are still strict to work in Macau

Even though Macau casinos are expanding, visa laws are still strict to work here. Especially when the global economy is facing COVID-19 pandemic, non-resident workers are strictly prohibited to enter Macau as per orders of the Macau SAR government on 19 March 2020.

This is why casino online is continuously present on minds of legislatures around the globe, and Macau is no exception. Unlike physical casinos, online gambling tasks are not licensed in Macau. Still, consumers reportedly play slot online and sportsbooks in specific foreign markets. 

What I Liked about Macau Casinos!

I made a list of both merits and demerits of working in physical Macau casinos as follows.

Merits of working in Macau casino

There are certainly good points you need to note while working in a casino.

  • Different personalities are met; most of them are Chinese though.
  • Various interesting slots are available to deal with as are present in online gambling.
  • You can have a great learning experience working as a casino dealer which further can be applied in legal casino countries.

Demerits of working in Asian casino

It is not easy to work in an unpredictable workplace. So, it is for sure having some demerits as follows. 

  • A very unpredictable environment exists unlike casinos online.
  • All in all, it’s not permanent employment and comes with poor management skills, especially in small grade Macau casinos.
  • In my opinion, anxiety levels to win are comparatively high. These sorts of behavior can make you irritated sometimes.
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Most of the dealers I met are from Chinese regions. Unless other employees aren’t creating any sort of illegal activities or issues, Macau casinos are an OK place to work. If I’d tell you a hint of my salary, it was just basic without increments.

However, casinos are slowly evolving as a reputable business, but some small Macau casinos are not respectable.

As against playing slot online, you will have to ultimately deal with customers. Thus, respect is one of the essential factors to decide to work in an Asian casino.