Operation Intern in a High-Growth Tech Startup job at Vase Malaysia

We are a high-growth tech startup (funded by Digi) that comprises of young, energetic and passionate people. Our vision is to change how businesses start their company and put the power of data into the hands of everybody. We are looking for passionate individuals who believe they want to make a difference to join us in our journey. Check us out at www.vase.ai.

Vase is a low-cost market research solution that allows anybody to validate their assumptions and get back accurate consumer insight in days. Putting the power of data into the hands of anybody. Through Vase, you can validate your assumptions easily by creating a survey, deploying it to the survey respondents that fits your target market within Vase 700,000 respondents’ database, and get back actionable insights in a report. 

Oscar Winning Interns – You’ll be working on a bit of everything, from analysing data to designing to answering support emails. You’re a generalist that will learn incredibly fast about different aspects of Vase.

Being with us, you will 

  • Experience working in a fast-growing tech startup together with our amazing core team who has experiences across United States, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, and of course Malaysia!
  • Get to make a difference even if you are just an intern! Because we value talent and not age or qualifications, as long as you are willing to grow and learn, you will find working with us a truly rewarding experience. 

We care that :

  • You are comfortable with juggle between different tasks including marketing related tasks and administration tasks

  • You are comfortable working in teams as well as taking up projects independently

  • You are very open and passionate in learning new knowledge 

  • You know how to "google" when you have questions 

  • You know how to plan your schedule and manage your tasks given the deadlines of different projects

  • You are comfortable working in team, or on your own, and not afraid to be honest when you don't know something (We encourage saying "I don't know, but I'll figure it out"!)

  • You enjoy working in a startup environment and you want to grow your knowledge and experience at the fastest way possible

  • You love the opportunity to work alongside our CEO


We don't care:

  • If you don't have a degree

  • How old you are


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