Senior Software Engineer – Java/Scala – Agoda Services Co., Ltd.

Working Location: Bangkok, Thailand 

About Agoda, is one of the world’s largest online travel accommodation platforms and fast-growing. Based in Bangkok, we are a global company with 40 offices around the world, serving millions of customers every day. In
every department – from engineering to customer experience – we provide an environment rich with creativity, collaboration, and experimentation, and the tools to work faster and smarter. At Agoda, we believe our people are our strength. We work hard and have
fun, and we choose people who are dedicated to making things great.

While we are in the travel business, we consider ourselves to be “a tech company that happens to do travel”. We believe that great technology is what separates us from the competition and allow us to provide a superior experience to our customers.

Get to Know Our Team

The Data department oversees all of Agoda’s data-related requirements. Our ultimate goal is to enable and increase the use of data in the company through creative approaches and the implementation of powerful resources such as operational and analytical
databases, queue systems, BI tools, and data science technology. We hire the brightest minds from around the world to take on this challenge and equip them with the knowledge and tools that contribute to their personal growth and success while supporting our
company’s culture of diversity and experimentation. The role the Data team plays at Agoda is critical as business users, product managers, engineers, and many others rely on us to empower their decision making. We are equally dedicated to our customers by
improving their search experience with faster results and protecting them from any fraudulent activities. Data is interesting only when you have enough of it, and we have plenty. This is what drives up the challenge as part of the Data department, but also
the reward.

The Opportunity

Agoda DevOps is looking for a unique kind of senior software engineers to solve Agoda’s unique problem. Those that has zero tolerance for inefficiencies in software development. Who can see beyond the norm and assist Agodans in releasing the best software
impossibly fast and safe.

The team is directly responsible for maintaining and developing systems to release products to customers. More than 2000 deployments from teams across Agoda go through our systems per day. Specifically, our work includes software development to make sure
its stability; to ensure the systems can support deployments across 15k servers in multiple data centers. We are constantly improving first-class features like canary rollout and automated monitoring. Also advising all teams how to release products in the
best possible way is part of our tasks. Last but not least, we always bring data to the discussion to find out what we can do to make things better

Are you?

  • Having experience in DevOps?
  • Having a strong background in design and implementation of scalable systems?
  • Always looking for opportunities to optimize and automate daily workflow?
  • A Top-notch developer with extensive knowledge in Scala, Java?

In This Role, You’ll Get to

  • Design and develop system that…

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