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Thai Culture Course Into Figures

In 2015, out of 183 qualified applicants and candidates who attended the Thai Culture Course held at Burapha University, 75% were Asians, 20% were Africans, and 5% were Americans, Europeans, Australians and South-Africans.

Most of Asian teachers present at the Foreign Teacher Training were Filipinos. African teachers were mostly Cameroonians or Ugandans. “Farang” teachers were almost equally from the USA, South-Africa, or the UK.


Batch 1 4-6 September 2015:
Americans x1, British x1, Cameroonians x2, Filipinos x35, Ugandans x1.

Batch 2 11-13 September 2015:
Americans x1, Cameroonians x10, Chinese x1, Filipinos x22, Indians x1, Romanians x1, Russians x1, Ugandans x2.

Batch 3 18-20 September 2015:
British x1, Cameroonians x1, Filipinos x38.

Batch 4 27-29 November 2015:
Americans x1, Cameroonians x13, Chinese x1, Filipinos x23.

Batch 5 18-20 December 2015:
Americans x1, Chinese x1, Filipinos x14, Cameroonians x7, Burmese x1, South-Africans x2.

183 candidates=> Asians = 137 (74,863%); Africans = 36 (19.672%); “Farangs” = 10 (5.464%)


Batch 1 March 28-30, 2016: Cameroonians x2, Chinese x4, Filipinos x8, Indians x1, Nigerians x1, Ugandans x6.
Batch 2 May 13-15, 2016:
Batch 3 September 2-4, 2016:

*Data collected from Burapha University Department of Education (2015-2016.) Facebook page: “THAI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE, PROFESSIONAL ETHICS FOR FOREIGN TEACHERS”

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