The Battle for Tech Talent is Heating Up. How Can Employers Close the Hiring Gap?

Today, every company is becoming a tech company. And as so many firms are on the lookout for coders, software engineers, data scientists (and beyond), it’s getting harder than ever to find people with these high demand skill sets.

In fact, when Indeed surveyed over one thousand tech hiring managers and recruiters late last year, almost 9 out of 10 respondents said they found it challenging to find and hire workers with tech skills.

But that’s not all. The business impact of the tech talent shortage runs deep: 83% of respondents said that they thought the tech talent shortage had hurt their business through lost revenue, slower product development and increased employee burnout.

And as more industries are disrupted by software, still more coders, software engineers and data scientists will be needed. So what should employers do? In the infographic below we cast a critical eye over the situation: Read on for key stats and insights. 


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