The Best Jobs in the U.S.: 2019

Which sounds more like your perfect job: managing a construction team, or analyzing high-volume data sets? Everyone will have a unique answer. However you define it, two factors are universally important: there need to be open positions, and they need to have appealing salaries.

Job seekers can focus their efforts by knowing which industries and job titles offer the most opportunities and the highest pay. This information also alerts employers in fast-growing fields that top talent will be in high demand — so their compensation packages need to withstand the competition.

With that in mind, we created our list of the best jobs of 2019. We defined “best” as those experiencing the fastest growth (measured by the increase in job postings between 2015 and 2018) and offering the highest pay (using a baseline salary of $75,000).

Read on for our complete list!

Best jobs of 2019 range from cutting-edge to centuries-old

Our best jobs of 2019 represent a broad array of fields, from tech to construction, and include everything from the most cutting-edge positions (robotics engineer and full-stack developer) to those that have been around for centuries (insurance broker and accountant). Looking at the fastest-growing and best-paid jobs gives us a sense of how economic trends are playing out in the job market.

For example, artificial intelligence (AI) is now part of many of the items we use every day, from cars to home sound systems. The number-one job on our list reflects this trend: machine learning engineer, up from spot number four last year. These engineers program machines to “learn” and apply intelligence, and the role recently topped Indeed’s list of jobs requiring AI skills.

With an average salary base of $146,085 and a whopping 344% growth in job postings, machine learning engineer is an extremely promising position. Those considering a career change or new to the workforce might want to consider training for this role. Most machine learning engineers have completed a master’s degree or taken an online certification course.

The second-best job is insurance broker, making its first appearance on our list this year. The insurance industry is hungry to attract new, young talent, which is especially good news for millennial job seekers. Even better, a college degree is not required, though brokers must be licensed to practice.

Insurance is a broad field, encompassing everything from health to home to travel. Its brokers specialize in risk management and work independently of insurance companies, helping clients select the best possible options for loss protection. The average salary is well above baseline at $86,498, and three-year growth is an impressive 242%.

Following close behind, at number four, is another related job: insurance advisor. Contrary to brokers, advisors typically work directly for insurance companies, helping clients choose from available products.

With more than 90% of smartphone users using apps, it’s no surprise that the role of full-stack developer remains in high demand — coming in third after ranking second on last…

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