The Power of Purpose: The Best Nonprofits to Work For in 2017

These days, more and more companies are putting an emphasis on the social purpose of what they do, providing their employees with reasons to feel inspired by their jobs.

Given how much time we all spend at work, this is a positive trend. But there’s also no question that nonprofits remain the clear leaders when it comes to a dedication to doing good. After all, these are the organizations which are immediately on the ground when a crisis strikes — and which continue to help out, long after the cameras leave.

But even though nonprofits are rich in purpose, their impact is deeper and wider still. While “volunteer” may be the first word to spring to mind when many people think about nonprofits, the truth is that they are also employers, and account for 10.3% of all non-government jobs in the U.S. according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s 11.4 million people working for nonprofits every day — considerably higher than the entire population of New York City.

Whether you’re a volunteer or a paid professional, working for a nonprofit can be highly rewarding. But which of them are giving their employees the very best work experience while empowering them to serve their communities? Our data science team crunched the numbers in Indeed’s 15 million strong reviews database to find out. Let’s take a look at the answers.

Habitat for Humanity leads a diverse group of frontrunners

Different nonprofits enable different people to pursue their own, individual passions for service. However, when it comes to identifying the one that wins the most plaudits from employees, then Habitat for Humanity — dedicated to building, renovating and improving homes for families in need — claims the number 1 spot.

In the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Habitat for Humanity has been quick to step in to prepare for what will inevitably be long periods of recovery and reconstruction. Currently the organization is in the process of assessing the shelter and housing needs in affected areas so it can create construction plans to help families rebuild.

In addition, Habitat for Humanity is also working in Mexico to help families recover from the recent earthquakes. In fact, at any time the organization is active in almost 70 countries, making it at least as “multinational” as many large, for profit organizations.

We also see that nonprofits which provide people with opportunities to help children are highly rated by their staff. Three of the top ten have this focus, with the Boys & Girls Club of America at #3, Boy Scouts of America at #4 and Communities in Schools at #5. Meanwhile, the Girl Scouts of the USA lands just outside the top 10 at #11.

The rest of the list reveals a wide diversity of causes, including making life better for older Americans (AARP – #2), bringing together veterans to serve (The American Legion – #7), youth development, healthy living and developing social responsibility (the YMCA, #6), eliminating racism and empowering women (YWCA – #8), and providing services for those with disabilities (The Easterseals – #10). The…

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