The Weird and Wacky Job Titles of 2019

Too weird or not too weird? That is the question. Whether ‘tis smarter to slap some really crazy buzzword in your job descriptions to stand out or to keep them clear and down to earth…

Some employers really like to keep it weird, that’s for sure. Wacky job titles have remained a steady trend in job listings on Indeed for a while now. Some employers are adopting the use of creative (or downright odd) language to describe common jobs, attempting to convey an upbeat company culture.

These job titles include everything from “Software Ninjaneer” and “Content Hero” to “Sales Rockstar” and “Brand Warrior.” And while the Chief Heart Officer (HR Manager) and Director of Fundom (Marketing Manager) sound like delightful positions, the Colon Lover (Copywriter) might turn a few heads at a networking event.

While wacky job titles may be fun and eye-catching, job seekers are typically not searching for terms such as “hero” and “warrior.” You stand a better chance of being discovered by potential hires when your job title accurately describes the work to be done.

To determine the weirdest and wackiest job titles of 2019, we looked at the share of job postings per 1 million containing “weird” terms in either the job title or description, focusing on the ones that performed the strongest from October 2018 to October 2019. Let’s take a deep dive into these titles, as well as how to craft a job posting that will attract the candidates you want. 

More rockstars, fewer heroes in 2019

Which wacky job titles were trendiest among U.S. employers in 2019? In analyzing the results, five terms performed particularly well: “ninja,” “rockstar,” “genius,” “hero” and “guru.” All of these titles appeared on last year’s roundup of weird job titles; however, this year, some have traded places in popularity.

“Rockstar” is this year’s winner, with a 31% increase in job postings containing this term from October of last year to October of this year. And ever since we started tracking weird job titles in 2015, “rockstar” jobs have grown by 209%. Rock on!

However, some of these weird jobs didn’t fare as well. “Guru” jobs dropped 15% in the past year, and last year’s weird jobs winner didn’t see the same results this year: “Ninja” jobs decreased by 9%. On the bright side, we do see a rise in “genius” jobs, with a 26% increase in these jobs over last year — and a whopping 416% increase since we first started tracking “genius” jobs in 2015. 

Jobs with “hero” in the title declined just slightly over the past year: -0.1%, to be exact. So while demand for heroes in the workplace is more or less holding steady, we’re not seeing quite the same explosive growth there that we do in costumed heroes fighting villains the multiplex.

Wacky job titles span the country

We’ve covered what the weird job titles are — but where are they located? To find out, we looked at which U.S. states have the largest share of ninja, rockstar, genius, hero and guru job titles. 

While California was home to most of our weird…

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