Top-Rated Workplaces: City by City

The Big Apple, Sin City, Steel City… every city has its unique style and distinct vibe. And that also extends to the industries and employers you find there.

So while we’ve analyzed the data on the Top-Rated Workplaces on Indeed at a national level to get a sense of the big picture, it’s now time to get local. To do this, we tapped into the 72 million ratings and reviews listed on Indeed Company Pages, zooming in on 12 major cities and their respective metropolitan areas to identify which firms are doing the best job of delivering great employee experiences at that all-important local level. Our focus was on firms with corporate or satellite offices in each metro area.

The result? A set of companies ranging from engineering to construction to consumer brands that showcase the diversity of opportunities available in the US today while also highlighting the fact that no single industry has a monopoly on delivering great employee experiences. There are local “hometown heroes” as well as instantly recognizable Fortune 500 firms that have ranked highly on our other lists. We also get up close and personal with the reviews to see what the locals are saying about their experience in these cities.

There are also a few surprises in store — there’s even a zoo, for instance. What else did we find? Let’s check it out.

From Atlanta to Washington, DC: The Top-Rated Workplaces in the US, city by city


Atlanta is known for being the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and home to many of the civil rights movement’s most prominent leaders and organizations. It’s also a growing tech hub. However, the company that scores the highest ratings on Indeed is the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity, which has its headquarters in the city and also placed first on our Top-Rated Workplaces: Nonprofits list last year.

Next comes airline giant Delta, also headquartered in Atlanta. A former team leader based in the city said the company is perfect for those who desire “employment that challenges you,” while a former customer service representative said there was “never a dull moment” working at the airline.

Further down, we see two tech companies, the enterprise software giant SAP and Microsoft, which makes the first of an impressive eight appearances in our city-by-city rankings.


Top-Rated Workplaces: Austin

The “Live Music Capital of the World” also happens to be one of the eight major tech hubs in the country, according to research from Indeed’s Hiring Lab. Little wonder, then, that Facebook, Microsoft and Apple all feature prominently among top-rated workplaces in the city (Facebook also placed first on our Top-Rated Workplaces: The 50 Best rankings in 2018). An Austin-based marketing expert at Facebook praises the company’s “relaxed culture” but also emphasizes that one must “embrace constant change” and “adapt quickly while delivering results.”

Placing first, however, we see real estate giant Keller Williams Realty, which is not only headquartered in Austin but also placed first on our list for top-rated workplaces for work-life balance. What’s so…

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