Video: How to Retain Top Talent Through More Effective Onboarding

You don’t spend all that time, effort and money on sourcing, vetting and hiring great candidates only to have them leave your company just a few short months later—but according to one survey that’s exactly what 31% of new employees do within six months of being hired.

To mitigate this, the same kind of high-touch strategy you use to nurture and hire candidates should be employed during the onboarding process.

The excitement you established before the candidate started should be built upon once they are inside the company. Set the tone for an inclusive, mission-driven culture in those crucial early days of employment. After all, those new hires are an asset right from the moment they walk through your doors.

The art of onboarding

At this year’s Indeed Interactive, Paul Wolfe, Indeed’s SVP of Human Resources, shared his thoughts on the art of onboarding and why getting it right is so important to your organization.

In this short video, Paul explains why Indeed takes onboarding every bit as seriously as the rest of the hiring process and why the company is rethinking traditional strategies of familiarizing new hires with their work.

Challenging conventional wisdom, Paul argues that this valuable time should be spent on more than just passively absorbing information about the company. Even in these early days, a new hire’s fresh perspective can be harnessed to innovate and provide solutions to challenges—a process he calls “reverse onboarding.”  

He also takes a look at internal mobility and why the candidate experience matters so much for those employees who may leave but return to you one day.

Want to know more? Watch the video for tips on how to set up onboarding processes that could benefit your company for years to come—and see below to learn how Indeed can help you find candidates that match your needs. 

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