What the Jobs Boom Means for Tech, Working Moms and New Grads

The most recent job numbers are in, and there’s no doubt about it: the market is booming. Despite a slight slowdown, there are still more job openings than unemployed workers, with 7.4 million open jobs signaling strong employer demand.

But what else is happening behind the headlines? Today’s market brings new opportunities for different groups of job seekers, such as working moms and new grads, as well as for different areas of the country.

Indeed’s Hiring Lab, a dedicated global team of researchers, helps us make sense of what’s going on out there, delivering insights about the labor market and helping employers and job seekers understand today’s work world. Let’s take a look at some of their recent findings and insights.

New tech hotspots emerging, while existing hubs thrive

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Tech jobs are often associated with a handful of established hubs, such as the San Francisco Bay Area; San Jose, California; and Seattle. But could overall job growth mean that tech opportunities are also expanding geographically?

Digging into Indeed job posting and search data from 2018, as well as survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Indeed Chief Economist Jed Kolko recently found that the tech landscape is more complex than meets the eye. Although in 2018 most jobs remained very concentrated in long-time tech hubs, up-and-coming geographic areas offer many opportunities and may provide an appealing alternative.

It’s no surprise that “traditional” tech hubs still perform well. For example, in the San Jose, California, metro area, a whopping 23% of all jobs posted on Indeed in 2018 were in the tech sector. What’s more, between 2017 and 2018, the metro’s share of national tech jobs grew 10% — more than any other big tech hub. The highest-paying jobs in the tech sector are also clustered in the San Francisco area; so are many upward-trending roles, such as data scientist and cloud engineer.

But we also see smaller markets where tech jobs cluster. These let workers enjoy the perks of tech without dealing with Austin’s traffic or San Francisco’s housing prices. Job seekers…

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