Production Manager( Jewelry)

Production Manager( Jewelry)

Responsible for jewelry production, quality, and planning. Must have 10+ years in high-end jewelry and USA market experience, attention to detail, and collaboration skills.

The responsibility of this position includes overseeing jewelry production, line planning, target fixation, hourly monitoring, WIP, and goods work method. Collaboration with the CAD team to resolve obstacles is also part of the role. The individual will be accountable for the entire department production, planning, and quality, as well as identifying process issues and implementing continual improvement. This involves supervision of all production processes in the factory, including day-to-day filing, stone setting, and quality checks at various checkpoints in the production workflow.

Qualifications for the position include more than 10 years of experience in high-end jewelry or the USA market, supreme attention to detail, the ability to assess quality and small details, excellent communication skills, high collaboration skills, familiarity with setting techniques, and experience with process improvement. The individual must also be responsible for the allocation of work for the manpower and ensuring production and shipping are executed on time, while anticipating and identifying production problems and finding solutions that might affect delivery.

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